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Pablo The Cat @Soñandocuentos Blog

Pablo Gato en Soñando Cuentos

“In this second installment of the boy-bird-cat, illustrations come with some text; but the story is just as fun and original; all in comic book format”

You can read the full review here. (In Spanish)

Pablo The Cat’s first Review


The second book of the series, Pablo Gato (Thule Ediciones 2014) was published only this week and today we read the first review kindly provided by Karol at La Libroteca El Gato de Chesire en Zaragoza.

We will discover the world as cats, and will find out that best friends are not always the ones you would expect to be. We will also find out a bit more about how Pablo changes into things and he will surprise us again in an unexpected final transformation.

You can read it in full here (In Spanish)

Thanks Karol!

Plastilina Bookshop – Cádiz, Spain


“With this transformation the amazement and the need to learn arises.”

Click here to read the full review (in Spanish).

Pablo Pájaro “Book of the Day” at Boolino


“The story is easy to read and follow. Its sequential narrative, that of a comic-book, stimulates the child’s imagination allowing the story to branch out much more than what it would be normal for other books. The child who doesn’t know how to read yet will find it easy to connect the images and interpret the events the character is immersed on.

The idea behind Pablo is to spark the creativity and the development of language in children.”

Click here to read the full review (in Spanish)

Culturamas – Blog review


“[…] The ability to fly with your imagination, to be many other people and yourself at the same time, to change shape at will is at your hands reach.”

To read the full review click here (in Spanish)

Con Cuentos a María – Blog review

“A comic book for all ages, without text, just a few amazed tweets when Pablo realises he has wings. Panels are simple and funny.”

Read the full review here (in Spanish)

La Colina de Puck – Blog review


“[…] we acknowledge Pablo Pájaro for encouraging children to un-learn how to read, to get out of enclosing structures and to leave their creativity take over the stories.”

To read the full review, click here (in Spanish)

Mundo Macgergoriano – Blog Review


“Very recommendable for young children who cannot read yet. But it can also be enjoyed in the same way by older children or even grown-ups.”

To see the full review click here (in Spanish)

Minimúsica – Blog Review


“An endless reading always subject to new interpretations”

To read the full review please click here (in Spanish)