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Pablo the books is a collection of wordless picture books directed to children +3 who, in most cases cannot read yet or have just started reading. You can get the first one, Pablo Pájaro, published by Thule (Barcelona) here. Shipping is free by post to Europe and US Pablo The bird spread 01 These series are the brainchild of illustrator Alé Mercado who says this about the books:

The series of Pablo’s books come from my experience as a parent and seeing my children develop. Most of the children books we play with are unidirectional in the sense that the children can only be audience and it is very limited at what they can do, apart from starring at beautiful pictures. I decided to try something different as I also feel a great deal of the language development of a child has to do with “reading†information, making sense of it and articulating it back.

The books are developed using very basic comic-book narrative and sequences are dealt with enough simplicity for the child to follow but without compromising in the overall flow of the story. Pablo The Bird spread 02 The first book of the series was finished in January 2012. The style and colour palette makes it very distinctive.

Finding the right style is what took longer in the whole drawing process. I wanted to have something that was very direct but full of personality. Not being a children book fanatic, I suddenly found myself looking back at the children books I used to read when I was a child. Specially influential was Max Velthuijs.

Pablo The Bird Spread 03 The series will comprise ten different books. All of them independent but they will also create a full story if read at a time. I’ve always been fascinated by the stories of Kazuo Koike where you can get in at any point of the story, read an episode and still make sense of the whole thing. But if you read the full story then it becomes something else. Much deeper, complex and satisfying. To a much lesser scale, I’ve tried to do this with the Pablo series. Each book stand alone, but when read sequentlially, the story becomes a full arc. We will be updating this space with news relevant to Pablo’s Books. Keep tuned for more. Thanks for reading us.

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